I dedicate this website to my best FFXIV photographs, which all aim to follow my philosophy of authentic memories.


I aim to ensure that the photographs bring the magic and passion that lingers within the characters and scenes.

This means relying on the limits and constraints of the game as much as possible. This allows photographs to highlight the essence of the respective character or scene as authentically as possible. This also means the deliberate avoidance of mods that radically change the game, such as clothing mods and tools that permit custom poses.

To contribute to amplifying the core of the respective character or scene, custom post-processing presets have been created to give the screenshots a more photographic appearance.


The primary goal of my photographs is to capture wonderful people, splendid places and delightful experiences for the purpose of posterity. It fundamentally stems from sentimentalism, albeit it is this trait which encourages the capturing and preservation of life, rather than letting each moment be washed away.

This sentimental passion has resulted in tens of thousands of screenshots, from both the random little things to entire photo shoots. Taking so many photographs allows for iterative (even if possibly slow) improvement and evolution of the qualities and styles.